>Hello.  I cannot find a FAQ section regarding the forums.
>Here's hoping someone here can help.

Please note that the forums on gimpusers.com are connected to the official
mailing lists. You can read this directly over the posting fields, including a
link to this page:
where some of your questions may be answered.

>1) I was sent a password, joining the site.  I would like to change it but
>cannot find any such changes in the profile.  Soooo - the password that was
>emailed is permanent?

Assuming that you mean the password for gimpusers.com - it's not permanent,
you can request a new one at any time. However, we don't want our users to be
able to change it because some users may use their only password. If
gimpusers.com gets hacked then, the hackers have access to all your data
because you only have one password and we'd feel guilty, too. However, this
discussion is not on topic here (topic is: GIMP).

>2)  Is there a search available for the forums? Do we use the search box
>the site?

You can use the mailing list archives or the general search box on
gimpusers.com (that also contains an AutoSuggest feature)

>The forum area seems very basic.  Maybe too basic.
>Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Indeed, it's very basic and not nearly complete. This is because it's
basically a self-made Web interface for the mailing lists. Before I made it, I
had a look for more feature-complete bulletin boards that allow mailing list
integration, but I didn't find anything usable. If you're more familiar with
that, you can use one these interfaces:
* the mailing lists itself using your mail client
* www.nabble.com
* www.gmane.org

I will create a new forum on gimpusers.com that is for discussing
gimpusers.com only so that the GIMP forums/mailing lists stay reserved for
topic GIMP ;)

Richard H. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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