Hi Gimp-user,

I was trying out Gimp's various Selections, and tools. Clicking on the
Ctrl, Shift, and Alt keys, before a left-click and after a left-click,
changes the Action.

Sometimes there is helpful text in the status bar at the bottom of the
Image telling the user to try these keys. I find it helpful to have
the specific Tool's options open too, because it may provide a visual
indicator what these keys will do (i.e., highlight an option or
check/uncheck a checkbox).

I like this feature, and especially the text in the status bar. It's
very helpful. It really pays, at the beginning, to move slowly, and
read that text in the status bar after clicking.

I was wondering, is it pretty much a given that all Tools support Ctrl,
Shift, Alt, before and after a left-click? That would be the only
combination of keys and mouse clicks, no?

I did checkout the section "Keys and Mouse References" in the
Documentation. And found the neat Quick Reference
[http://docs.gimp.org/quickreference/]. Unless, I just missed it,
none of these mention the mouse and these keys.

Thank you.


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