Owen wrote:
>> Please show me how to outline text and vary the thickness of the
>> outline.
>> Please also show me how to add a shadow and can direction and length
>> be
>> altered?
> 1.  Create your text
> 2.  Layer->text to selection
> 3.  Fill with background color
> 4.  Edit->Stroke selection
> 5.  Filters->Light and shadow->Drop shadow
> Use the rotate too to rotate the layer
> Length? Not sure what you are thinking, but lets say NO
Perhaps the drop shadow is not what you wanted? If you want a shadow as 
from a light source behind you, duplicate the layer, shear the duplicate 
layer in X, fill it with the shadow color you desire, move it below the 
text layer, and then align the bottom edge of the shadow letters with 
those on the text layer. You can adjust the length by simple scaling.
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