In my normal work, I make use of a significant number of special 
characters, e.g. "é", "©", "—" [Alt-0233, Alt-0169, and Alt-0151 
respectively]. Despite the statement in the online documentation 
(specifically on page <>, in 
the box under "Font" labeled "Note", reading "You can get special 
characters in the same way as you get them in other text editors: "Alt + 
number keypad in windows), on my system (WIN XP Home SP3; Gimp 2.6.6) 
when I enter the "Alt +" code for a special character, nothing happens, 
that is, the character does not appear, and the cursor does not advance.

Has anyone else run into this?

For me at the moment, this is an inconvenience, as I've a choice of a 
couple of applications in which I can enter a desired text, and export a 
graphic selection containing the necessary text, but at minimum we have 
here of an inconsistency between the documentation, and the application 
being documented.

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