thank you david 
i was searching the net before posting the question
first time i eared of hugin for make a face texture 
can hugin make the blur look really clear ?
(ill try it when ill get home 
hope wont take me a month to learn a new program)

here is one for example of using gimp to do so

if i will chose gimp ,cause i know it a bit.
what will be the best and fast way to do it ?

thanks again

>On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 5:57 PM, shay t. <> wrote:
>> hello i  want to create a texture for
>> a 3d model
>> so i took couple pictures of my face
>> from different angels
>> and i tried to blur where the images connects
>> using clone tool
>> i used the clone tool more then an hour
>> and the result is not close to what i want
>> my question is:
>> is there is any way i can get result faster
>Use Hugin to merge the images in a smart way. IMO there is no reason
>to use GIMP to build the texture (except perhaps tiny cosmetic
>touchups of the result of Hugin)

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