I am going to assume that you are new to the gimp. Often times in order to 
receive help you must at have tried to look on your own. But since you have not 
indicated your OS or gimp version it makes things difficult in terms of trying 
to help you solve your dilemma. It would be nice if we were mind readers, but 
alas that is not the case. I am going to assume windows because most linux 
users are familar with the gimp and how to install plugins. Try putting the 
.exe in your user directory C:\D&S\User Account\.gimp 2.x\plugins. The lovely 
thing about the gimp and plugins is that they are not installed like you would 

Subject: cmyk gimp plugin and cmyk tiff 2 pdf for gimp 
Where do I find instructions on how to install these plugins and is there 
something else I need to install first 
and how do you 
install these items. As well how does one know which of the available scripts 
and plugins can be installed in the 
latest release 
of gimp and are there installation instructions for each of these. If so where 
do I find these instructions. Is 
there a searchable 
archive somewhere. Is there someone else I should be contacting to get these 
answers? Thanks!


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