Hi Ryan, GimpUsers:

RK> How can I configure the size of the new window containing a new image?  I
RK> have set my default new image to be 2000x1600 pixels, which I really like,
RK> but when I hit Ctrl-N, it defaults to a zoom level of 33%, which is too
RK> small on my screen.  So, I am constantly having to drag the window bigger
RK> each time I create a new image.

That is something I was curious about also. I did some checking. It
looks like from the Image window, select Edit/Preferences. In the
panel on the right look for, "Inital zoom ratio", and set to
1:1 (not Fit to Window).

Doc snippet:

Initial zoom ratio

You can choose either to have images, when they are first opened,
scaled so that the whole image fits comfortably on your display, or
else shown at 1:1 zoom. If you choose the second option, and the image
is too large to fit on your display, then the image window will show
only part of it (but you will be able to scroll to other parts).


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