Hi Elwin, GimpUsers:

That's two great suggestions. I wasn't aware of the Navigation Dialog,
even though I saw it in Windows/Dockable Dialogs. Whenever I saw the
icons (a "t" with arrows) I just thought of the "Move" tool and never
selected it. I've read tutorials where they suggest the New View.

Thanks for the additional knowledge.

EE> Another possibility might be to use the navigation dialog.  It
EE> has preset zoom levels you can click, as well as a slider that
EE> lets you change the zoom level, and also a "box" that you can drag
EE> around on an image thumbnail that will control what part of your
EE> image is displayed in the canvas window.

EE> I sometimes like to have two versions of an image that I am
EE> working on, particularly when doing rendering.  So I will zoom the
EE> canvas in, then do View>New View and get a second canvas of the
EE> same image, but zoomed all the way out.


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