Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Bob Long wrote:
>> To follow up, GIMP 2.6.6 for Windows does not include that

(referring to >  Filters > Web > Slice)

> Please explain how you came to this conclusion,
>> (not that I expect is should, as it relies on Python);
> especially as this is no reason for something to be missing on
> Microsoft Windows (Perl-based would be one, for example).

Well, I'd been running 2.6.5 on Windows XP; open an image, add a couple of 
guides and Filters|Web shows only "Image Map..." (and "Semi-Flatten", but 
greyed out). So I upgrade (I did not uninstall 2.6.5) to 2.6.6 today 
(http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gimp-win/gimp-2.6.6-i686-setup.exe via 
gimp.org links). Same results.

I've never installed Python on this PC. So, am I missing something by 
looking in the wrong place? Are you saying you'd expect "Slice" to be there 
in a "standard" installation of GIMP on Windows, even without Python 
installed, and without installing additional plug-ins?

Bob Long 

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