>On Wed, 2009-05-27 at 05:13 +0200, Roy S. wrote:
>> I guess, this is a pretty simple question.
>> I have a separate workspace for GIMP (Ubuntu Jaunty). I've got the GIMP
>> work area in the middle of the screen and two dialogs, Tools and Layer
>> Channels Paths, docked, one on each side. This setup comes up when I click
>> GIMP icon. 
>> I would like to dock the Undo HIstory dialog (and maybe others too). But
>> altho the dialog has been docked before exiting, when I restart GIMP, it's
>> loaded, tho the other two are. 
>> How do you get dockable dialogs to dock and stay docked?
>Did you perhaps uncheck "Save window positions on exit" in the
>Preferences dialog? This is selected by default, but you may have
>changed that setting.

Roy S. (via www.gimpusers.com)

Thanks, I had unchecked the "Save windows positions on exit" sometime and
forgotten about it. Duh!

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