Hi David, GimpUsers,

>>> Whether it's the Font on the Text Tool, or Brush on the Paint Tool, or
>>> Pattern Fill on the Bucket Tool, scrolling through the lists is slow
>>> and sensitive. I tried typing the first letter of font, brush, or
>>> pattern in the list but that doesn't seem to work. I didn't precede it
>>> with any alternate key (shift, ctrl, alt). What is the best (fastest
>>> :-)) way to get to, or position yourself, to the resource?
>> Press Ctrl-F (or Ctrl-S, it depends on your GTK+ keybindings) in the
>> list view to open the search field, then enter the first letter(s).

> I must say -- we need to promote this in the GIMP documentation!
> (particularly in conjunction with the tagging functionality)
> Personally, if I had known this, I would have hardly needed to wait
> for tagging, as I'd already included categorization in the gradient +
> pattern naming

This definitely works in the Tools (list view), like Text Tool, Blend
Tool, Paintbrush Tool. Nice! Just what I was looking for.

But it doesn't work in the Dialogs, like Font Dialog, Gradients
Dialog, Brushes Dialog.

Thank you.


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