Hi Gimp-user,

I was going through this tutorial, and got stumped.

I have the white outline of the image, but I can't figure out how they
did the gradient so the background gets the gradient, but it looks
like the white outline was also affected by the gradient. I tried
various Modes, among failed attempts. :-(

I have:
  FG: Purple, BG: Green
  Tool: Blend Tool (FG to BG, Linear)

  Layer 3: Transparent Background w/white outline.
  Layer 2: Gradient (not mentioned in the tutorial but was tried by me)
  Layer 1: Black Background

Layer 3 will be duplicated twice, with Layer 4's mode set to Value,
and Layer 5 blurred 20 pixels.

Any suggestions?

Is there another way to get the effect of multiple "rough" outlines
of an image? The tutorial's creator added layers and used Filters >
Distort > Iwarp, repeating that several times.

Thank you.


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