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Any suggestions as to how to get the job finished? ie. each layer needs > to be cropped I think. > I guess this needs a new script or tweaks to Saul Goode's > "script-fu-save-anim-layers" but unfortunately I have zero ability in > that area.
Okay, done. I started with save-anim-layers, but then during the
course of simplifying it to deal only with patterns I ended up
rewriting pretty much the whole thing.

works for me on Windows with both 2.6.6 and 2.7
It still registers in Animation, as "Save layers as patterns".
Animation isn't the right place for it but it wasn't obvious
what would be better. Any thoughts?
Maybe both Saul's [Save layers as ...] and your [Save layers as patterns] would be more discoverable on the layers menu?
Start with the original multi-layer image and run Animation->
Save layers as patterns, and it will save each of the layers
to your GIMP profile patterns directory with the appropriate
layer name. I've only tested it on one pattern (the animal one)
but it seems to work.

It does change the original image -- the layers stay autocropped,
I didn't bother to try to revert them since I figure most people
will just be closing that image anyway.

I'll put it on the registry after I get feedback on whether
it's working okay for anyone besides myself.
I'd especially like
to hear whether it works on Windows, since it builds up paths with
"/" (which I think script-fu is supposed to translate automatically).
The location is correctly created for me - GOOD!
I think some way for user to specify a tag will for all patterns created will be useful after 2.7 gets released maybe this can be re-visited then? (If you want to avoid requiring any user interaction perhaps the file name?)

Note: so that I can keep track of where my "special" patterns came from and so that all resources can be shared with all installed versions of GIMP I've been putting them in sub-folders of ...\patterns.
ie. in Preferences-folders-patterns I've added:

   D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns
    and as subfolders of that:

       D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\added_manually (a
       couple I created manually)
       D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\ademmm.deviantart
       (from the PS PAT file via Akkana's script 162 *.pat files)
       D:\Data Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\squidfingers (from the
       PS PAT file via Akkana's script 109 *.pat files)

@Sven ... is following a bug? @anyone ... can someone confirm on a Unix system.
happening on both 2.6.6 and 2.7

when I refresh patterns (in Pattern toolbox dialog) it gets done "correctly" ie. reads each sub-folder of paths specified in Preferences ... Patterns and makes them available for use but for each sub-folder a message like following appears in Error Console (ie. the one available for display in the toolbox window or as a freestanding dialog)

     GIMP Error
   Failed to load data:

   Failed to open file 'D:\Data
   Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\added_manually': Permission denied

     GIMP Error
   Failed to load data:

   Failed to open file 'D:\Data
   Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\ademmm.deviantart': Permission denied

     GIMP Error
   Failed to load data:

   Failed to open file 'D:\Data
   Files\Gimp-2.x_resources\patterns\squidfingers': Permission denied

On 2.7 where the DOS-console is automatically started by GIMP similar messages appear during startup.

Regards ... Alec   (bura...@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burg...@skype)

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