Hi Elwin, gimpusers:

> I can't comment for sure on the effect you describe, I think there
> might be a slight difference.  The method I use for feathering
> selections, I think, offers a bit more control, plus allows one to
> have "increased" feathering where indicated.

> What you do is to make your selection, then turn on quickmask, and
> then use gaussian blur on the quickmask, one or more times (and
> perhaps with different settings to sort of "smooth" things out). 
> This allows one to actually "see" how much feather you are gonna get
> before you actually make use of the selection.  Once you have a
> properly blurred quickmask, then you just convert it back to a
> selection and do whatever you want with it.

I've been playing around with your method of making a selection, and
I'm afraid I have a newbie question.  How do you blur the QuickMask?

I use the QuickMask all the time for making a selection with a fuzzy
brush. Do you simply activate the QuickMask and then
Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur?  But doesn't this Blur the entire
image - selected and not selected?

Thanks so much.


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