Hi Sven, gimpusers:

>> Second, with the sample point selected, I opened the Levels Tool. I
>> want to use this sample point as the "gray point". In the Levels Tool,
>> I clicked the "Pick gray point" eyedropper, and then went to click on
>> the sample points, but the only thing that happened was the cursor
>> changed from an eyedropper to an eyedropper+move_symbol, which means,
>> according to the status message at the bottom of Gimp, I can move the
>> point, but I can't seem to use it.
>> 2) Now that I have a sample point (the gray point), how do I use it in
>> the Levels Dialog?

> Why would you want to use a sample point for the gray point in the
> Levels tool? Just click on the "Pick gray point" eyedropper in the
> Levels tools and then click on the spot in the image that you want to
> select as the gray point. This will do what Norman described, just

The original tutorial that I was following at
had the user add a temporary 50% Gray Layer (7f7f7f), Mode: Difference
to find a gray point. I manually picked the point, wrote it down on a
piece of paper, and then relocated that point in the Levels Dialog. I
had asked the question, is there another way to remember this x/y
location. This is where the Sample Points Dialog was suggested to
record the location, I think, rather than writing it down on a piece
of paper. It's a nice idea and Dialog.

> completely automatically. You may want to adjust the Sample options in
> the Levels tool options though. Choosing a larger sample radius often
> helps to get better results.

"Choosing a larger sample radius often helps to get better results."
Argh! I was going to ask where do you change the "radius", but I
simply forgot to look at the Levels Options on the Tool Options

Got it! :-)

Thank you.


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