jomavebe ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-06-13 at
 I had a look at at and found
 the python-fu-batch-resize interesting. but how do I make it work for
 gimp2.6 in windows (XP sp3)? - sofar this is the only .py file I have
 - there is no folder Xtns and no such menu item. "It should install
 as "python_fu_batch_resize" in <Toolbox>/Xtns/Batch/Resize" so where
 do i put the file and to a start it from within gimp 2.6?
Googling [gimp python windows 2.6] gets a number of hits.
This looks like a pretty good one:

Regards ... Alec   (bura...@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burg...@skype)

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