On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 11:05 PM, Zhang Weiwu<zhangwe...@realss.com> wrote:
> Hello. I followed the tutorial of how to make text along path:
> http://gimp-tutorials.net/node/114
> My difficulty here is to make manually condensed text along path. I want
> the text so much thin that any font's condensed version could not do. To
> make such condensed text, I either scale the text layer with layer scale
> tool, or I convert the text to path and scale the path. However after
> scaling layer or path, "Text along path" no longer apply.
> Any idea? thanks in advance for hints.

I'm not sure of any way to do this within GIMP.  I was able to to this
in Scribus[1] however, by following these instructions:

Then I was able to set the text width to 50%.

Then selecting the text, doing Object->Convert->To Path, then
File->Export->SVG I was able to make a SVG file that could be opened
inside of GIMP.

It's a somewhat clumsy method, but maybe it will work?


[1] http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=download
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