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> Ideas?

Maybe use two backgrounds - each just dark enough to include the
shadow in a reasonable selection (or hide it), one tinted/colored a
warm color and the other a cool color (red and blue?).  Then put warm
stamps on the cool bg and vice versa?  This will take some fiddling

Or on the black bg - make your fuzzy selection, and if it picks up the
watermark too, ctrl-drag a rectangular selection as close to the edges
as you can, then fill with black - perhaps the darkened areas at the
very edges (where the perforation is) will not be noticeable?

Sorry - I'm just throwing random ideas out there ;)  I've spent a lot
of time pulling my hair out over scanning.  I remember one time in
particular when a publisher mailed us a book cover to scan for a
poster - and it made heavy use of metallic silver in the layout - what
a nightmare!

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