I'm new to the Gimp forum. I took a quick look at the archives 
and decided to try a more direct approach.  This forum.

         In Gimp, to add (SUM) the RGB values for a pixel and then 
change all pixels who's RGB SUM is greater than a user stated value to 
Second side of that is to change all RGB SUMs less than value given to 
Black. BUT not doing both at same time, thus allowing user to "step" in 
and see what got lost.

Anyone who has scanned old CAD/Architectural files and prepped them for 
Raster to Vector conversion will know intuitively my intent and reason 
for wanting this ability.

Yes - I can do this with another program but it means "sending" the file 
back and forth and working "blind".  It would be nice to have it "in" GIMP.

While I can program, I have never tried using Gimp's language. The docs 
I have seen on the subject are not very clear to someone new to the 
language.  Nor did I find any "clearly the Gimp's verbs (functions) and 
their syntax" anywhere.  Again, I scanned the 'HELP' and Gimp.org site 
and then came here. At the very least someone should be able to point me 
to the "real stuff" much faster than me trying to wade through HTMLs. 
(Grep doesn't like them :)


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