On Wed, 2009-06-24 at 18:09 -0500, DJ wrote:

> * list-deprecated-pdb.pl
>   This Perl script reads in the output from the PDB dump function
>   of GIMP. It generates a list of deprecated functions and the
>   names of the functions which replace the deprecated ones.
> http://www.ve3syb.ca/software/gimp/extras.html

You can also use the --pdb-compat-mode command-line option of gimp:

 --pdb-compat-mode {off|on|warn}
     If the PDB should provide aliases for deprecated functions.

The mode is 'on' by default, which means that GIMP will silently process
deprecated PDB functions. If you change it to 'warn', then GIMP will
warn you whenever a script uses a deprecated function. You can also turn
it 'off' completely. Then deprecated functions will simply not exist and
an error will be raised if you try to call one.


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