2009/6/30 Jaime Seuma <jaims.se...@gmail.com>:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Please take a look at this guide for making a circle in the Gimp:
>> http://www.ghacks.net/2009/06/29/linux-tips-create-an-unfilled-circle-in-the-gimp/
>> 7 steps? Really?
> There are not really so much steps involved.
> Step 1. Create an empty image. This is not really an step, at least if
> you are already working in an image
> Step 2. Select the color for the image. Obviously; doesn't matter
> whether you are using The Gimp or other app.
> Step 3. Create a ellipse selection as a circle. Correct.
> Step 4. Fill in this circle. Instead of doing this, you want to do
> 'edit/stroke selection', specifying (number of pixels) the thickness.
> Step 5. Select none (ctrl+shift+'a')
> Hope it helps.
> Jaime

So it is just three steps really, steps 3-5 in your list. I suppose
that is reasonable.

Is there any way to see the thickness of the circle when selecting?
For instance, in Kolourpaint (I use KDE) the user selects the Elipse
tool, and when he drags the tool he sees exactly what the result will
be. Can this be done in Gimp?


Dotan Cohen

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