Grant B. wrote:
> Another possibility would be to duplicate the original image into a new layer,
> and then save the working image as a .xcf, so that your layers will be
> preserved. Do all your work on the duplicate, and if you don't like it, the
> original will be there to begin again later.
>> I have just started using gimp and last night saved my work and quit,
>> but this morning i loaded the image and could not undo the work i did
>> not like. Is there some way to recover the original. Trent
IF you kept things on different layers
AND IF you saved the file as a .xcf
MAYBE you can remove (or over write) one or more layers and try again

OTHERWISE - no, not in a direct (undo) way. Paint over, erase portion 
and paint over, select (by various methods - see your version's help) 
and correct by using a change method (also see help). Most likely you 
will wind up using a combination of techniques.

Something to keep in mind as you work with any raster program is that 
you are painting (with all that implies) rather than drafting.  The undo 
stack disappears when the program is exited in virtually all drawing, 
graphic, drafting, etc... programs on the market today.

The above advice of saving the original file (particularly at points you 
feel are "complete to here") and working with a copy is the ONLY way to 
work. At least if you don't like spending lots of time being frustrated 
and re-doing things you just re-did. The process also allows one to 
"branch" off on other ideas along the way. (By having multiple but but 
slightly different 'originals' from which to work out different ideas.)

Believe me - I think if a vote was taken and people answered truthfully, 
it would be unanimous: We all learned that lesson the hard way.

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