finally i managed to compile Gimp(2.6.6) on win (xp)
Result seems  working with no issue but i am quite perplex about the 
architecture of the file system of what i got

To the point : the "lib" gimp folder is now in C:\MinGW\lib as the gimp "share" 
folder is in C:\MinGW\share and that looks right and logic :
 is what i expected

But then gimp "bin" folder is NOT in C:\MinGW\bin as i would expect

There ,in MinGW/bin is well all the CONTENT of the gimp bin folder but is not 
enclosed in its own folder on the contrary is mixed with all the other 
executives already there.

Is that correct?...and if so how i am supposed to distinguish which belong to 
what i build from which was already there from before as part of MInGW?

And...If that is right why the MinGW bin directory has not the same 
architecture of the others MinGW directories ?(i quoted lib and share but is 
the same for the others...except for "bin") ?


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