On Tuesday 14 July 2009, imi.f...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi
> I am working on an animation, i have 132 image with a some invisible space,
> after cut that annoying invisible space out(which stays after save). So all
> of the layer is a different picture, i don't figured out how to save every
> layer individually, i can only save one picture one time. If anyone can
> help me out, i really appreciate it. (sorry for my weak english)
> Thanks!
> Imi
Hi Imi --
If you are working this heavily with GIMP for animations, you really have to 
install GIMP Animatin Plug-in (gimp-gap)  -- check for the gimp-gap installer 
in the gip for windows downlaod page (or the gimp-gap package if you are on 

Gimp-gap not only features a way to save each layer as an animation frame and 
be able to render the frames into a movie file, but it also allow you to have 
each frame as a full multi-layered xcf file, besides a whole lot of tools for 
making animations.


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