On 07/20/2009 11:47 PM, John Culleton wrote:
> The version that matches the version of Gimp in the tarball is what
> should be included IMO.

There is no version of GEGL that matches a given version of GIMP. GEGL 
is a library with an API (currently somewhat unstable due to 
immatureness of the library, but this is beside the point) that is 
independent of GIMP. Distributing GEGL in GIMP would imply that GEGL can 
not be bugfixed as maintainted separately, and this is wrong.

 > If e.g. Slackware can prepackage Gimp with all the
> required libraries it seems to me that the Gimp folks could do the
> same.

Nothing prevents you from stepping up and becoming part of the GIMP 
folks so to speak and do Slackware packaging.

  / Martin
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