On Thursday 23 July 2009, Florin Andrei wrote:
> (I'm a newbie.)
> I'm trying to modify this image:
> http://imgur.com/5kHey
> It's a 2009 Kawasaki ZX-10R. The orange-red areas need to become silver,
> approximately the color of aluminum. Look at the exhaust pipe - that's
> pretty close to what I envision.
> I tried converting it to back/white, but the red area is still too dark.
> I then tried to play with brightness and contrast, but it looks ugly.
> Is there a way to select the red parts just based on the fact that they
> are red? Then somehow get rid of chroma and brighten up just the
> selected parts? (while preserving shadows, etc.)
> The goal here is to imagine how the bike will look like once it's
> painted silver over the red parts.
> I'm not trying to get anyone do it for me, I'm trying to learn how to do
> it myself. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

* use teh select by color tool (just beside the "magic wand" and pick "hue" as 
the key on the tool options dialog.
* play with select/deselect changing the fuzzyness factor unitll you are 
colose to the orange/red parts boundaries
* then do select -> grow selection -> and put soemthing like 5% of image width 
* select -> feather selection -> the same 5% of image width 
now, turn of the visualisation of the selection, while keeping it active :
* togle 'view-> Selection boundary
* 'colors->hue & saturation, drop saturation to -100
* colors -> curves:  create a "s" shapped curve  until you get the desired 
looks. then ok.

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