i am on a similar problem,
i have to build a batch script that slices over 6000 images very big images
into seven pieces.

>>  >  I think you would be better off doing this using ImageMagick and a

ImageMagick seems to first read all images into memory and then working with
and this dosn't work with some couple of GB and besides there is no status of
completness, so you never know when it'll be finished.
i wrote a batch FOR loop, but it turned out to be too slow, scince it has to
start image magick over and over...

i tried script-fu,
but scheme is just a little too wierd for me comming from a java,
and there seems to be no error status messages,
for dubugging,
so i never know what i did wrong this time.

Gimp and Python seems to be good alternative,
but i have to start the script from commandline,
so how would you do this?

and i tried to copy this script to the python-fu console:

>I like to use the GIMP Python Console for batch processing.
>Here is an example, that processes all PNG files in the current directory.
>import glob.glob
>for filename in glob.glob ('*.png'):
>  image = pdb.gimp_file_load (filename, filename)
>  # put your batch processing commands here.
>  # for example
>  #
>  # pdb.gimp_threshold (image.layers[-1], 128,255)
>  # would threshold the bottom layer.
>  #
>  pdb.gimp_file_save (image, image.active_layer, filename, filename)
>  del image

it says it's missing the glob.glob,
where would i get this?



Marc T. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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