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On 29 Jul 09 02:57 Forlorn Hope <riddl...@yahoo.com> said:
> I'm using Gimp for a very simple drawing program on an iMac (version
> 10.5.7) using X11.

Jozef answers your question, but if your drawing gets complex you 
might run into trouble later.

Bear in mind that the GIMP is a painting program, not a drawing 
program. With a drawing program you work with vector graphics. Each 
object you draw is a separate item and can be moved independently, but
a paint program uses raster graphics and all you do is change the 
colour of the individual pixels on your canvas.

> Okay, I have a grid up, and let's say I've drawn a simple rectangle 
> with the pencil, I cannot seem to be able to lasso or select the 
> rectangle and move it elsewhere on the grid.  What am I doing wrong?

The grid is irrelevant here. It just helps you place things, and 
selecting only controls which pixels will be affected when you do 
anything else. You don't say but what probably found is that you moved
the entire image within the canvas area, leaving transparent areas 
round the edges.

> Suggestions (I know it's probably a simple command, but damn me if I
> can't find it!)?

I would apply each object that you draw to a new layer. That's like 
painting on a free floating clear sheet laying on top of the backgrond
canvas. Layers can be added, deleted and moved around independently of
each other.

Greg Chapman
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