John Culleton writes:
> I am making a chart of all the different logos under the 
> File>Create>Logos submenu. The Chalk Logo doesn't seem to work. 

I see the same thing. The problem is the Sobel filter.
If you go through the steps in chalk.scm by hand, everything is fine
until the point where it calls plug-in-sobel, at which point the
text vanishes.

Apparently the Sobel filter in 2.6 (which is very different from
the 2.4 Sobel) doesn't work on transparent layers any more --
in other words, it won't detect edges in alpha, only in colors.
If you duplicate the black background layer and merge it with the
white chalk layer before running Sobel, or set the background color
to white and then remove alpha on the text layer, it works.
I don't know whether that change to Sobel was intentional.

I've filed a bug:

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