On 08/01/2009 09:11 PM, photocomix wrote:
> @ David
> Perhaps it should also mention the size of the profile
> will be nice,as will be useful a option  a option to discard it.(as Exif data
> that occupy much less space may be discarded)..i mean a option from the "Save"
> (or if you prefer the term "Export")dialog
> Or  similar issues are too rare to require changes ?

To me, keeping the CMYK profile around and writing it to an RGB jpeg 
does not make sense; I don't think GIMP does the right thing here. 
Showing the size of the color profile would be informative, but only a 
workaround to the problem we're seeing here.

I don't want to spend time to patch things here and there with regards 
to color management though. We need a specification on how color 
profiles should be managed on a bigger scale, otherwise we'll end up 
with an inconsistent program.

  / Martin
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