Steven M. Dodier wrote on Mon, Aug 03, 2009 at 07:32:21AM -0600: 
> Hello,
> Hoping someone can help resolve this problem.  I have done searches of 
> archives and web sites without much luck.  I know this version is a 
> little old, but I don't have any  control over updating the 
> installation.  My problem is related to gimp (2.2.17).  I can start gimp 
> from an nfs export with no problems.  I get the GUI, but when I select 
> file/open, the application crashes with the following error:

I had the same problem, some GIMP versions (but not others) would
crash when using the File open menu.

I solved it by deleting the appropriate *.so in that GNOME dir.  In
fact I had two similar segfault crashes and moved two *.so.

Here's what got moved:


Note that the gstream and other dirs are searched recursively, you
need to move things outside, it is not sufficient to just
mkdir inactive  && mv inactive/.
in that dir.

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