before file a report to bugzilla i thought better report here, just to check
if other may replicate and if is a Windows only problem

On win xp, happen with gimp 2.6.5 (official) 2.6.6 (self compiled) and
Gimp-painter 2.6.6

Delete from Edit/preferences/folder/font the (default) path for
C/windows/font has no practical effect.

Gimp totally ignore the new preference and load the same all the fonts stored
in Windows/Font even if that path was removed

Reload the computer do not help

This is problematic also because there may be fonts incompatible with Gimp
but usable by other programs

 (i had there a few fonts crashing gimp at loading time, at least crashing my
previous version of gimp,i removed them before install 2.6 so maybe they only
crashed 2.4) 

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