Ray Simard wrote:
> (The following has only been observed with GIMP 2.6 in MS Windows.  I
> don't know if it's true for Linux too; I just haven't had time to
> upgrade Linux GIMP from 2.4 yet.)
> I don't recall this happening with GIMP 2.4.  The problem, with the
> exceptions afterward:
> Except as noted later, a GIMP window which is wholly or partially
> obscured by other windows (GIMP or non-GIMP, makes no difference) is
> made active (e.g., ALT-TABbbing to it, clicking its title bar, clicking
> the GIMP button on the taskbar, newly created by GIMP itself or  opened
> from the context menu of Windows Explorer or an application that has the
> ability), it becomes active properly, however the windows in front of it
> stay in front of it.  Clicking on the title bar or taskbar repeatedly
> does not bring it forward.
> Anybody know anything about this?

Known issue.  Solution is to open the preferences menu and select the 
windows management menu item (Edit > Preferences > Window Management) 
and change the items under "Window Manager hints" so that both read 
"normal window."

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