Dear all,

        Is there a tutorial that could tell me how to sort out this problem.

1) Created a new transparent layer
2) Pasted image into layer.
3) Noticed that I could not do anything else with Gimp so do a
New - Layer, and it created something called a Pasted Layer.
4) Used select tool to select the pasted image and it correctly 
highlighted the whole image.
5) Used the Move Tool to move the highlighted image, but instead of only 
moving the highlighted image Gimp moved the 'whole' background and the 
image as it it were one item!

How can I uncouple these two things, which I presume conprise of i) the 
image and ii) the background colour.

I am a bit confused because although Gimp can clearly identify and 
select/highlight the pasted image, when it comes to moving the image it 
cannot differentiate between the pasted image and the background.  So, 
what has linked these two together?

Rdgs, S.
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