>Ubuntu repos states 2.4.6 is the latest:
This is correct for Ubuntu 8.04. See

>Thus I presume I don't have the correct Gimp repositories enabled & 
>Ubuntu ones are not up-to-date for my version 8.04.

There are no (official) GIMP repositories, and it's not intented that Ubuntu
8.04 repos contain newer software than available at 8.04 release (except
security and critical updates). If you need newer software versions, upgrade
to 8.10 which contains GIMP 2.6.1.

Or manually install GIMP 2.6 for Ubuntu 8.04:

Or use ready-to-go .deb packages for GIMP 2.6 on Ubuntu 8.04, if you can find

>will I 
>loose all the modifications, additional paintbrushes and plugins that I 
>have added over the past six months as these might located in a 
>different file structure?

When you do a normal upgrade, you shouldn't loose anything.

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