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> Seems if I copy the background layer leaving the mode normal, I can 
> then perform most any operation on that new level and give it a name
> suggestive of that operation.  Then, make a copy of that new level, 
> and perform some other operation on the new level, rename it to 
> suggest that second operation, and so on.  Is that how it works?  
> Seems to give me a result that I can follow up and down the stack by
> turning on and off the visibility of the levels in sequence (or out 
> of sequence, for that matter.
> I feel like I'm on the right track.  Would appreciate verification 
> and/or additional advice.

Of course it depends on the kind of image on which you are working and
you don't tell us that. Nor do you tell us what you are doing on the 
levels dialogue, only how you are protecting yourself from "mistakes".

I'm going to assume you are working with a photograph. If that's the 
case, then this page might suggest some of the reasons you should use 

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