. . . and it doth please me so!

I spent a weekend in Ithaca, NY with my daughter, so, we took my boat out on
a couple of the lakes, and we spent another day hiking the gorges.  She
couldn't believe that I lugged my entire camera bag (I have two, one large,
one small, and I lugged the big one).

. . . took many a shot.

Back in our motel room, I used her laptop to download UfRaw and Gimp, and,in
the wee morning hours, while she slept, I crept . . . to her computer to work
on processing my shots.

That was last weekend.  Tonight, the Mrs. wanted some of the bird shots I
captured printed so that she could frame them (such a compliment!!).

In the not too recent past, I would have booted automatically into windows,
opened up InDesign, imported two pics at a time onto 8.5 x 11 pages, sized
them to 5 x 7 and printed away - it's pretty simple.

Tonight, I was determined to prove to myself that I could get the job done in
Linux (Ubuntu).  Tried to use Scribus in place of InDesign - and succeeded
except that TurboPrint which I need to get images from Linux to paper would
not show up in the Scribus print dialog, and using the print command (which I
assume invokes TurboPrint) stalled without activating the printer.  I tried
exporting the Scribus file as a jpeg, but printing that jpeg from Gimp took
some 20 minutes, only to generate an error message.

I finally started opening my images in Gimp, two at a time, then opened a
third blank document sized to 8.5 x 11.

I copied each of the open images and pasted them into the blank document as
new layers, scaled each new layer to 5 x 7, hit TurboPrint in the Gimp
dropdown menu, and, before I could load a sheet of glossy paper into my Canon
i960, Turboprint was prompting me to accept the preview for printing.

While those two images were printing, I dragged the two layers (from the
"blank" document) to the trash can, coppied/pasted as new layer two more of my
images, and had them scaled and ready to print before the first two images had
made their way through the printer.

I repeated the process until I had printed some 25 images.  Worked like a

I am just so pleased to have reached this level of productivity with Gimp.

I know this will be very much "small potatoes" to most of you who are more
experienced and familiar with the Gimp, but for an old geezer who used to
consider Gimp too obscure and odd to master, I'm here to tell you I feel years
younger (really, I'm not that old!).

It just worked like a charm, and once I had the feel for scaling the layer,
fitting two photos to a blank 8.5 x 11 canvas was a snap.  Being able to trash
those layers and copy/paste subsequent images as new layers was most

I don't despise Windows (use it everyday at the office - where, by the way, I
have Gimp installed for use when I need to paste up elements from several
sources to complete a document for emailing, etc.).  But, I really prefer to
avoid PS and Windows at home in my photo editing efforts.

To be sure, Ubuntu without TurboPrint on my system would render Gimp pretty
much useless in the printing department.  TurboPrint (while not free) serves
to complete my workflow.  The prints are just as good in quality as if they
were printed from within XP using the proprietary Canon drivers.

Sorry to drivel on so, but I am really quite excited about this.

Thanks to all who have offered advice (especially concerning layers)
concerning the GIMP.


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