Asif Lodhi wrote:
> If you're using Microsoft Office on Microsoft Windows then "Microsoft
> Document Imaging" 
huh I'm Linux user :-P
> is a package component that installs with Office and
> that you can use to create multi-page TIFF files.
I can use Scribus for creating multi-page TIFF but this is not suitable 
solution for this issue. I just want to be-sure if GIMP can create 
multi-page TIFF files
>  For example, if you
> scan a multi-page document using a scanner with a sheet-feeder then
> the scan will result in a multi-page TIFF file. In addition, you can
> create multi-page TIFF files yourself using MDI - just create a new
> TIFF file and add new pages using the menu/toolbar options. If you
> don't see "Microsoft Document Imaging" in your Windows menu then, very
> likely, you have not installed this component. In that case, install
> Office completely and you'll be able to do what you want.
> I have never explored The Gimp for this purpose.

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