Hi there,

 i sometimes need to measure distances on photo.
 i do so using not only gimp but i need also calculator to do it.

 The problem is that the measure tool doesn't have scale parameter.
 It would be great if i can firstly measure scale and set distance
 for it (ex 20px = 38m) and then measure other things that i need,
 where the result will be shown not only in px but also in meters
 (or other units ex. mile, foot, inch etc).

 Easiest example is screenshot of google map, where you have scale
 on bottom, and you would like to know the distance from A to B on
 this scale.

 Much further feature would be measure of areas, using also
 feature of scale.
 Simple areas like square, rectangle, or any of quadrilaterals,
 triangle, oval, circle, ellipse etc...

 This would be perfect, but i don't know to whom i should send this
 proposition, so please forward it to right persons if they are not
 reading this list.

 Kind regards!


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