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Rikard Johnels <rikar...@rikjoh.com> napisaƂ(a):

> >  i sometimes need to measure distances on photo.
> >  i do so using not only gimp but i need also calculator to do it.
> >
> >  The problem is that the measure tool doesn't have scale parameter.
> >  It would be great if i can firstly measure scale and set distance
> >  for it (ex 20px = 38m) and then measure other things that i need,
> >  where the result will be shown not only in px but also in meters
> >  (or other units ex. mile, foot, inch etc).
> >
> >  Easiest example is screenshot of google map, where you have scale
> >  on bottom, and you would like to know the distance from A to B on
> >  this scale.
> >
> >  Much further feature would be measure of areas, using also
> >  feature of scale.
> >  Simple areas like square, rectangle, or any of quadrilaterals,
> >  triangle, oval, circle, ellipse etc...
> >
> >  This would be perfect, but i don't know to whom i should send this
> >  proposition, so please forward it to right persons if they are not
> >  reading this list.

> I am not much of a programmer, but cant this be done by writing a script?
> The measurement tool gives you pixels, and then let the script recalculate it 
> to what ever unit you want??


 i am not a programmer at all, so also script is out of my
 knowledge. But to make what i am talking about you will need
 2 parameters. First is scale ex 10px=30m, and then how many pixels
 from point A to B. 

 Now i am doing it with calc. I am counting pixels at scale
 and then if i know how many px is for 200m then i can count how
 many meters i for 743px.

 If someone will have solution i am interested in!


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