I agree with Adam that it might be a valuable addition to be able to 
select an area of GIMP, and determine the size of  area.

As to scaling issues, as when dealing with a map, the method I use for 
this is to open an instance of my favorite spreadsheet program in a 
small (about 3 or 4 dozen cells--6 x 6 or 6 x 8--window, and use that to 
do any necessary math calculations. When confronted with Adam's problem 
of scaling from a distance on a map measured in pixels to an actual 
distance, I enter the necessary formula in spreadsheet cell, and when I 
enter a number of pixels, and the spreadsheet cell shows the actual 

  from  for example, if I have an image of some object that I know to be 
perpendicular, but is not parallel to the plain of the image, and I want 
to change the perspective so the image appears parallel, AND so that the 
length of the image is unchanged when it the perspective is altered.

BTW, I'm not sure I've ever had the occasion to need this in GIMP, but 
if it is not there, the ability to determine the total length of a 
selected path in pixels might also be a nice addition. Maybe this would 
be a good Summer of Code 2010 project, though.


Adam Majewski wrote:
>  Hi there,
>  i sometimes need to measure distances on photo.
>  i do so using not only gimp but i need also calculator to do it.
>  The problem is that the measure tool doesn't have scale parameter.
>  It would be great if i can firstly measure scale and set distance
>  for it (ex 20px = 38m) and then measure other things that i need,
>  where the result will be shown not only in px but also in meters
>  (or other units ex. mile, foot, inch etc).
>  Easiest example is screenshot of google map, where you have scale
>  on bottom, and you would like to know the distance from A to B on
>  this scale.
>  Much further feature would be measure of areas, using also
>  feature of scale.
>  Simple areas like square, rectangle, or any of quadrilaterals,
>  triangle, oval, circle, ellipse etc...
>  This would be perfect, but i don't know to whom i should send this
>  proposition, so please forward it to right persons if they are not
>  reading this list.
>  Kind regards!
>  Pozdrawiam,
>  Adam.
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