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> If I'd read the posts in this thread in a different order, or at least
> read all of the posts before making a response, instead of writing
>> BTW, I'm not sure I've ever had the occasion to need this in GIMP, but
>> if it is not there, the ability to determine the total length of a
>> selected path in pixels might also be a nice addition. Maybe this would
>> be a good Summer of Code 2010 project, though.
> I'd have instead asked for the name of Chris Mohler's plug-in, and where
> to find it in GIMP, or if it's not included in the main distribution,
> where to find it and how to install it.

The plug-in lives here:

I've not uploaded version 0.3 to the registry yet though - I attached
it  to an earlier message in this thread.  the only addition in v 0.3
is two integer fields - one for pixels and one for arbitrary units -
if those boxes are filled in, the plug-in reports the path length in
units (as opposed to pixels, the default).

Installation depends on your OS, but you do need python installed.  If
your OS is Windows and you do not already have python installed, I
think that you need to install python, then re-run the GIMP installer
- but Windows is not my primary OS, so that could be wrong.  Once
python is available in GIMP (Filters->Python-Fu->Console), place the
plug-in into the .gimp-2.6.x dir in your docs folder. In linux, you
just need to install python-gimp (or gimp-python, don't remember) and
place the plug-in in ~/.gimp-2.6 and make sure it's executable.

Sorry for any typos - I'm in the middle of painting the house and am
crouched in a funny position - no furniture ;)

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