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> o Michael J. Hammel's book, "The Artist's Guide to GIMP effects" 2009, 
> is a brilliant book as well.  He also posts to this list and is a 
> wonderful guy.   Buy his book too!

Well, "wonderful" might be a bit strong.  :-)

> o Michael Hammel's, "Essential GIMP for Web Professionals".  His 
> Artist's guide from 1999 was recently updated 

Sort of - the Artist's Guide to GIMP Effects is the 2nd in that series.
The original was never updated.  I decided there were plenty of
reference guides and the world didn't need another one.  The new book is
more tutorial oriented.

> and is one of my favorite 
> two books on GIMP.  It covers a lot about using GIMP for the web so I 
> don't know if he has any plans to update this book.  

That book didn't sell very well.  In fact, it never made enough to pay
me more than the relatively small advance I got for it.  So there wasn't
much of a market for it to be updated.  Prentice Hall has not asked for
an update, at least.  Personally, I don't think graphics texts for tools
like GIMP do well unless printed on glossy paper so the images have a
bigger impact on the audience.  Akkana's and Cary's texts are the
exception, it would seem.  :-)

I've been trying to update the GIMP Effects book for 2.6 (it's for 2.4
or maybe 2.2 - I can't remember now) but it's just hard to find the
time.  It shouldn't matter that much, however.  I wrote the GIMP Effects
book on the idea that the location of menu items doesn't matter so much
as knowing what those features *DO* and I focused on core features:
Levels, Curves, Layers, etc.  I purposely tried to avoid filters that
might change with the next release since many filters are just
convenience options for using one or more of the core features.  The
idea is to teach a little about what you're doing to the pixels.  Where
the tools are in menus won't matter if you don't know what to do with

So the update would just be to point to the new locations of menus, etc.
Unfortunately there is a lot of stuff that is reference material in
there that needs to be updated too.   

If you're interested, I write a monthly GIMP column in Linux Format
magazine.  You can see some of the final images for those tutorials in
my LXF gallery (http://www.graphics-muse.org/wp/?page_id=126).  The
magazine is printed in the UK so US readers will be about a month behind
on the newsstand.  I can't post the tutorials on my web site (except for
some very old and outdated ones), however, since LXF owns the rights to

Anyway, thanks for the kind words.
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