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>I cannot understand why Ubuntu is celebrated for its ease of use,
>considering how many people complain about similar issues and suggest so
>complicated solutions.
>With Debian, "testing" distribution, to change from GIMP 2.6.6 to GIMP
>2.6.7 is automatically done the next time you make an update. This needs
>two commands in a terminal, or two clicks on the update-manager.
I don't need to defend Ubuntu, nor do I take offense at your comment,
however, consider that, eventually, will offer updates for Gimp to include
2.6.7, but it takes time.  I had to post (on the Ubuntu forum, I think), in
order to install 2.6.6, and something tells me that I had to uninstall a
previous version to do so.  The really great bits of "news" to keep in mind
about all this is that Linux in general makes all of this free and relatively
simple.  For me to uninstall Gimp is also a two click deal, to reinstall
another two clicks.  In the case of 2.6.7, a couple of copy/pastes, all done
in the open and above board.  I don't have to worry about cyber police showing
up at my door or Cyber Trojans jumping out of the 'horse' after I install some
new piece of software, and, for the occasional time when something doesn't
work right away, I have a wonderful site like this one one which to post a
question, and wonderful helpers like you jump in and show me the way.

The problem I posted is really a minor inconvenience, and, Gimp 2.6.6 has
been running happily on my Ubuntu machine since I installed it.

I probably should try some other flavors of Linux (actually, I have - and
even tried to install BSD which, unfortunately, doesn't like my flavor of
video adapter).  Experimenting with OS's is, after all, what initially brought
me to Linux and the Gimp (doubt I would have discovered Gimp from Windows even
though I now have it installed on the Win side of my setup).  Usually, though,
my foray into 'new' OS's occurs when I am redoing my computer setup
(reformatting or changing drives, etc.).  When stuff is working, I usually
just use the computer to do that stuff, if you know what I mean.

Sorry to be so long-winded.  I'll probably take a stab at installing 2.6.7
from scratch sometime today.

Thanks again for the reply.


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