I have installed the captioned scrip which allows me to bring up a template of
a CD on which I can 'design' a label that I would like to print directly to
the surface of CD's with printable surfaces.

We have several R-series Epson printers :R380, RX595, etc.

In Windows, when running Wavelab, I have to position the label in the extreme
upper left hand corner of the page thumbnail, then, tweak the off-set until I
find alignment that works for these printers (once I get it right for one
printer, the same settings seem to work for all of them).

I did some testing last night using Gimp and the Labels.scm, but, so far, am
far from finding the correct settings.  

Has anyone already set this up who could share the proper settings with me? 
It would save me quite a lot of time and some serious ink (we use coasters as
experimental disks to test our label alignment).

Any help would be appreciated.


Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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