On 04 Sep 09 07:27 Ilya Zakharevich <nospam-ab...@ilyaz.org> said:
> > The GIMP is an image editing package not an image display package.
> Wrong.  GIMP is a package for whatever the *USER* decides it is 
> going to use GIMP for.  And an absence of a convenient 
> non-destructive tool is a major misfeature.

Well, that's a bit like complaining that your text editor lacks 
formatting tools because you want to use it as a word processor. The 
GIMP's author's certainly didn't set out to make it the ideal image 
viewing software and you shouldn't complain if it doesn't do a job it 
wasn't designed to do.

Having said that, I am surprised that I can't find a way of to select 
my choice of default tool on start up.

Greg Chapman
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