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>> OK.  I know it has to be there somewhere.  When I select a brush, there is
>> slider at the bottom of the dialog for "spacing", but I cannot find the
>> for scaling the brush.  What am I doing wrong?
>This scaling is specific to the tool used, Brush or Pencil for example.
>Thus you find it in the tool options.
Thanks, I figured it out.  There is a brush icon for the active brush which,
if clicked, brings up the 'brush dialog' which does not allow scaling (just
spacing, whatever that does).  If I double click the paintbrush icon in the
tool box, a dialog box to which I am accustomed appears.  I don't know if I
have observed something new in 2.6.7 or if I've stumbled upon something I've
never noticed before with the 'brush dialog'.

In any event, I've found what I need.

Thanks again.


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