On 2009-09-04, Chris Mohler <cr33...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I find it annoying that there
>>>> appears to be no selection tool that turns off all tools.

>>> I am confused by this feature request.
>>> The GIMP is an image editing package not an image display package.

>> Wrong.  GIMP is a package for whatever the *USER* decides it is going
>> to use GIMP for.  And an absence of a convenient non-destructive tool
>> is a major misfeature.

> Gnu Image *Manipulation* Program
> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/manipulate

> If you want to use GIMP as a display program that's fine - but you're
> using the wrong tool for the job...

Uh-oh!  I see I was not clear enough - but I thought it must have been
quite obvious...  So let me try again:

  Why should *A USER* care how some #...@% *named* a tool?

  Why should *A USER* care what *another* user supposes is "a correct
  tool for the job"?  (Assume that the first user has considered the
  suggestion, appreciated the suggestion, and decided to discard it. ;-)

As my software experience goes, if one writes a good program, users
will ALWAYS find some uses for it the designers had no idea about.
This is, in essense, my second law of human-software interaction:

  the combined intelligence of users of a good piece of software is
  always higher than one of its designers.

> OTOH, having a shortcut like 'h'
> for the hand/panning tool would be fine with me - I would use it.

Good - as far as it is assignable to the default.  But `h' is taken
for Heal, I believe...


P.S. [*] Myself, I do not use GIMP to CREATE graphics.  I use it to
     fix existing images.

     I'm a slow thinker; before I decide HOW would I want to fix a
     particular photo, I investigate all the details I can think of.

     So, while my *intent* is to "manipulate" an image, THE FIRST
     things I always do are to use GIMP as a viewer.  It might be the
     reason why I consider the default=panning-tool so useful.

     Am I so special?  Do other edit-not-create people use different

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