For years I have scanned negatives using vuescan, and then opened the
resulting tiff file in gimp without incident.  But now something strange
has started happening.  I scanned a b/w negative, and when I opened it,
it came up in ufraw and I had to fiddle with it in order to get it into
gimp.   It wwas an noying and took a lot of time, and the image was not
the same as it appeared in Vuescan, which previously was always the
case.  I don't understand why gimp is doing that.   

I've checked my gimp setup and don't see any place where such operation
has been specified.  Can anyone explain what is happening and how I
should stop it? 

There are also some other peculiarities.   When ufraw comes up, it says
it can't find a profile for the display---which is an old one no longer
valid, but there doesn't seem to be any way to change the setting for
the profile.   Using Options, I can delete it, but i can't set a
different one. 

I am running gimp 2.6.6 under Fedora 9 Linux. 

Leonard Evens <>
Mathematics Department, Northwestern University

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