On 09/12/2009 11:39 PM, Charles C. wrote:
> Hi
> I've been using Corel Photo for some time, but I'm trying to get used to
> Gimp. I can't stand the interface, but I don't like photoshop UI either.
> 1) In corel photo, layers are like objects, I can easily make rectangle and
> new layer will have size of this rectangle.
GIMP layers are like objects also, it seems to me.
  -- Select rectangle; C-c; C-v; Bucket fill->foreground-> whole selection
>   I can make stroke with brush and
> this stroke will be my layer.
So if you do 200 brush strokes you have 200 layers?
> In Gimp if I want to make new layer with brush strokes I need to adjust size
> of layer before I do the stroke. Then I can paint and my layer is too big. Of
> course I can use wizard selection(U hotkey) to select stroke but it's not so
> comfortable.
> I just dont need transparent area in my layer(I need just my brush stroke,
> layer borders=brush stroke borders, nothing more).
> 2) Is there any way to see the mask of eraser, using soft-edged eraser
> without mask (I just see hard-edged circle selection) is little confusing for
> me.
> 3) Is there any mod, option, to do grab, rotate, scale with mouse
> clicking(like in Corel Photo-2 clicks to rotate) etc. I know it could be done
> with keyboard shortcuts, but mouse "shortcuts" works much better for me.
> 4) Is it possible to make layer previews bigger and adjust them to
> show...(it's hard to explain for me) actual objects in these layers(not whole,
> transparent area with object). I've seen this option in photoshop tutorial I
> think.
> Could you advise me other free program with UI similar to Corel Photo?
> Thanks in advance for the answers

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